Digital Marketing is the new thing to change the world.
First, digital marketing is the use of digital technology in marketing, such as computers and smart phones and the internet, what has been newly used is smart watches, smart glasses, or maybe something we do not know will appear in the near future.

The digital marketing is a big umbrella located beneath dozens of technologies and channels that are used for marketing, for example marketing via e-mail or through social networks or via smart phones or via search engines and much more .

Digital marketing is one of the new concepts in marketing, coupled with the new things every day because of the tremendous development in technology, and technology, companies compete to offer services to various people and improve their business and get them more traffic.

If you have website you cannot survive without digital marketing and the process should be much easier to get visitors if you make use of digital medium. Also this is less expensive and that why people from all over the world make use of this.

In the digital marketing, as is the case in marketing in general, there are two type of marketing strategies, namely Push and Pull. Let us look at both of them and understand what they are.

Pull : and where companies attract customers through search-mail. It creates an electronic entrances like Portals. Online visitors come to see the company’s products, and carry files, and participate in the site , perhaps buy the product or use the service, due to the growth of business with digital marketing.

Another strategy in digital marketing is the – Push policy, which pushes your marketing message and do not wait pull people, with use SMS / MMS, and the use of electronic messages – Emails, advertising messages, whether ads appear at the top sites as Banner ads or Display ads, or any other type of digital advertising known.

Intelligent integrated digital marketing campaign lies in the use of strategies in parallel, for example, the company strengthened SEO to attract visitors through search engines, with the ads and the use of e-mail messages campaigns

Clouds gives greater freedom to the customers, they walk in the space and get out when they want, without interfering in their choices and personal preferences, and for the company is a technique less expensive hence this is something that is becoming very popular with the time passing by and many people are making use of this, and getting it promoted with the help of digital technology.

Many believe that digital marketing term refers to marketing only online, although name indicates that, but in fact digital marketing beyond the computer and the Internet to include all digital – means of modern digital media such as mobile, Internet, radio and television.

All the things are included and not only internet and hence this confusion should be clear with one and all. Many people have a confusion about the concept of digitalmarketing – Digital Marketing or E-Marketing. Hope now you are clear about it.

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