How to Control Emotions?emotions are common for every humans read this story

Neena and Ayden had been dating for 6 years. It was their usual dinner date when Ayden pulled out a ring and proposed. Neena laughed, cried and jumped out of excitement, all at the same time. She said ‘Yes’ and they soon got married.

One day the end up in disagreement of each other and the argument rose to the point where Neena said, “I wish I had never said yes when you proposed.” It broke Ayden’s heart to hear her resentment and Neena immediately realized that her anger had made her say something very wrong.

She loved Ayden and everything that she blurted was in the spur of the to control emotions
Could you relate to situations like these in your life? Neena and Ayden were on an overdose of emotions when they arguing.

It led to an exchange of words that they would never say (how to control emotions)if they were thinking rationally. Our emotions often end up dictating our thoughts and actions.

Let us look at the ways in which we can control our emotions instead of allowing our emotions to control our lives.

Are you riding the emotional wave?

We involuntarily allow our emotions to rule our thoughts. It is considered natural for us to fall prey to our emotions. However, realization of the fact that you are giving in to your emotions is very important.

If you were to run away from it or choose to ignore your feelings and actions when you are being dictated by your emotions, then your emotions will always get the better of you.

Validate your emotions. If you are unhappy and you end up bringing then you must understand the fact that you are sad instead of hiding the emotion by turning to food for comfort.

Awareness of the emotion will empower you to handle it better rather than caving in to the needs of your emotion.

Your understanding of what is happening to you will help you deal with your emotions in a better way. We usually lose control of a situation when we feel that our values are not being considered or respected.

Ask yourself why am I thinking negatively right now? What is making me angry or sad or lonely or whatever emotion you are going through? Once you start answering these questions you will notice your rationale returning and your thoughts being clearer than before.

2.How can you get off the emotional wave without submerging yourself in an ocean of regretful actions?

So how can we step out of the situation we are in without scarring our lives and the lives of other people? This is a tough step. But take it once and you will realize how fulfilling your life can turn once you break free from the chain of emotions.

(how to control emotions) The way you feel is the direct outcome of the emotions you are going through and the thoughts that are racing through your mind.

If you have chosen to take control of your emotions, then stop and think what happened. Why are you feeling bad about something? Can you do something to change it? Is there a different perspective to the situation you are in? Go beyond the horizon and explore the reasons from different angles.

The sole act of exploration will help you reduce he effect how to control your emotions can have on your thoughts and actions. It will help you calm down and think wisely.

3.How to reach the shore?

You can either topple over the emotional wave hurting yourself and others or you can smoothly make it to the shore with some wisely taken decisions. You must choose the way in which respond so that your emotions are validated, understood and your thoughts and actions are rational and wise.

Choosing to how to control emotions requires a lot of self-discipline. You have to be aware of your emotions and you must know how to act when you realize that you may end up doing something wrong when you are emotional.

Find out how you would like to react to a situation. The next time you fall prey to your emotions, use your sensibility to respond without losing control over yourself and allowing emotions to get the better of you.

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